Monday, January 18, 2016


Here are some things readers may want to know about me.

Religious beliefs: Christian. Raised church of Christ. Doctrinally, the Nicene Creed pretty much covers my beliefs. Practically, I think God created humans in order to see us thrive as humans. I believe that the best thing we can do is laugh, love, create, enjoy the universe, and live in community with each other.

Ethical beliefs: The guidelines by which I try to live are as follows:
1. Do no harm.
2. Protect yourself and those weaker than you from coming to harm.
3. Use the resources available to you to correct the harm that has been done to others.

Moral beliefs: I believe that my Christian faith requires me to see the good in everyone, to welcome and seek to understand those different from me, and to be honest and giving. At times this may conflict with protecting others; in these cases I believe protection of the vulnerable takes precedence to welcoming those who would hurt them.

Values: humility, hospitality, service, philanthropy, family, friendship, community, honesty, faith, hope.

Personality: introvert with an active inner life. Lover of books. Fighter of depression and anxiety. Connoisseur of puns. Gifted with the ability to see the absurd humor in life and cursed with the tendency to focus on the darkness.

Interests: Cats. Baking. Books. Star Wars. Sci-fi/fantasy, especially with time travel or dragons or time-traveling dragons. Star Wars books. Science jokes. Books. History jokes. Bookstores. Philosophy jokes. Libraries. Bible jokes. Used bookstores. Ideas.

Fears: Spiders. Needles. Blood. The vastness of time and space. People talking to me when I'm not expecting it.

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