Sunday, January 17, 2016

My new philosophy

I have struggled for a long time to figure out what my online persona should look like and how to integrate that image into the rest of my life. After my political awakening in 2008, I argued on social media a lot and thought that I just needed to express my opinions right and then everyone would agree with me, unless they were intellectually dishonest. Then I got weary of the arguing and realized Facebook is not actually a good medium for discussions like that. I started an anonymous blog and spent a lot of time snarking at trolls in the comments to other liberal blogs. But I don't think that's right for me either.

I want my online presence to be in harmony with who I am in my family and community. I want to use my privilege to speak bravely without hiding what I think, but I also want to be effective at making change. I want to see if I can write without worrying about what anyone will think. I want to see if I can start conversations that feel like a discussion with close friends over coffee.

Anyway, I've reverted all my previous posts to drafts. I might rewrite and republish some; I might leave others alone. I'm not going to be anonymous anymore. This is me.

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